English 4 Business Success

Excellence in Communication

We are Offering You The Chance to take part in

”English 4 Business Success”


These three international communication training Modules have been designed with your needs in mind.

They will bring measurable improvements to you and your companies international communication expertise.

Intensive International Executive communication training

Access your fast lane to language acquisition

Is your English communication and cultural understanding holding you back from getting the results you know you can? or are you preparing for a new position and need to improve your communication skills as part of the job requirements fast ?

Then I.I.E. Communication Training is designed for you.

This individual training with a personal coach is orientated to fit your busy schedule. It can becarried out face to face as well as virtually enabling you to keep the momentum of regular training.

Individual assessments are done in order to design the ultimate learning experience for you.

Your personal coach will be there to offer the support you need for those vital meetings, important interviews or negotiations. In a relaxed state your coach will introduce you to the material

you need to learn and then depending on your learn style (kinesthetic, audial or visual) the material will be presented in different forms so you can retain up to 90% of the material.

Benefit from our fifteen years of experience in solving international communication problems for middle size to top 500 companies.

Your benefits:

  • Represent your company worldwide effectively and consistently
  • Get a career boost and open up new opportunities
  • Operate more effectively within the international arena
  • Have the flexibility to lead an international team dealing successfully with a hold up in Singapore or a roll out in Nafta.

International communication and cultural synergy

International communication

Working in international teams, outsourcing parts of your tasks to offshore colleagues or partner firms and managing international contracts has become the key to success for many companies but it has also brought many challenges with it.

The ability to speak English is no guarantee of having efficient communication within your international projects. In this three month module our trainers work from the standpoint that good communication entails an understanding of the cultural perspective as well as an understanding of the language. In this training program the focus is on both the language that is being used and how it is understood from the different cultural perspectives. The companies key international partners and there different communication styles will be an integral part of the course.

The modules can be run in groups of up to 6 participants.

Your benefits:

  • Finding solutions to questions like “how can I get them to respect my deadlines?”
  • Knowing when to be direct and when to be diplomatic
  • Costly misunderstandings can be reduced to a minimum
  • Agreements can be reached more easily
  • Developing a good working relationship means long term cooperation
  • Sales cycles are shortened

Your advantage

  • Each participant will receive a personal LanguageUnites Cultural Profile, which will show where their hotspots lie, i.e. which areas of which culture they would likely have difficulties with and how they should approach these areas.
  • Our trainers are highly experienced communication consultants with intercultural training and coaching experience.
  • We are bringing fifteen years of experience in improving the international communication of leading midsize to top 500 hundred companies to allow for efficient international project management.

This spring you also have the opportunity to test our unique services at a special introductory price

Result Orientated Business English training

Do not make the mistake of being satisfied with regular English lessons and then wonder why you’re still not getting the results you expected.

If your goal in learning better Business English is to improve your and your companies’ results then R.O.B.E. is the training method you need to get you there.

Designed to fit your specific needs, it gives you and your company the tools you need to get the results you expect. With the support from our excellent pool of expert trainers you will:

Your advantage:

  • Be individually tested to find your individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Be guided through your individual blockages
  • Learn fast and effective learning techniques which bring measurable success
  • Use goal orientated communication techniques to learn efficiently and quickly

The courses can be run in groups of up to 6 participants as long as they are of the same level

At the end of the 3 month module you will receive a certificate certifying your European Framework Score (EF Score is recognized worldwide as the modern standard measurement in language skills.)

Your benefits:

  • Build ongoing relationships with your clients
  • Improve your professional social skills
  • Improve your international soft skills in: Presentation, Telephoning and Correspondance