Our customers:

  • BASF SE., Ludwigshafen;
  • K+S Nitrogen, Mannheim;
  • Siemens Nokia, Bruchsal;
  • Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg;
  • Heidelberg University of Excellence;
  • Duale Hochschule Mannheim;
  • Fachhochschule Heidelberg;
  • Springer Verlag (Publisher), Heidelberg;
  • Heidelberger Druckmaschinen (Printing Machines);
  • Abbott Laboratories;
  • Freudenberg, Weinheim;
  • Roche, Mannheim;
  • MOSCA, Waldbrunn.

And here is what our customers say:

K+S Nitrogen (before "fertiva GmbH"): "In the area of group courses Nick shows an outstanding ability to relate to the participants, who have very different backgrounds, and encourage them to develop in a methodical and goal orientated way. Due to the way Mr Parry organises his lessons he has been able to encourage the participants to learn even when their workload in their specific area of work has been high. 
On the basis of our positive experience of working together with Mr Parry we also take advantage of his offer of carrying out Intercultural Trainings."
(v. Plettenberg)

BASF SE: "Mr. Nick Parry has been with BASF SE since February 27, 2002. We appoint Mr Parry for individual and group training German as part of the company's foreign language qualification for our employees. We also created Mr. Perry for the implementation of learning events at the BASF Learning Center on topics such as "Chemical English", "Technical English" or "Playing lightly! Let's play in English"."
(i. A. Isemann-Homey)

University of Cooperative Education in Mannheim: "I know Mr. Nick PARRY since 2001 when I took responsibility for the management of the Computer Science Department at the University of Cooperative Education in Mannheim. He served (and still does) as a lecturer for our international oriented students with modules on Intercultural Communication, Advanced and Business English, Intercultural Proficiency, Intercultural Conflict Resolution, and Advanced Communication. With his profound knowledge of methods how to overcome difficulties in international project teams he is an invaluable source of wisdom for our students. 
I like his work very much and I can recommend Mr. Parry for the topics above without any restrictions."
(Prof. Dr. H. J. Müller, Head of Applied Computer Science)