International Seminars

"It is impossible to solve a problem from the same consciousness that has caused it. You have to learn to see the world with new eyes."

Albert Einstein

After an individual consultancy the seminar or training program  will be designed to fit your and your companies individual needs. Below you can see some examples of elements that can be included.

International Presentation

Being a good presenter is not something you are born with or not. It is a skill that you can learn. Utilise your potential as a presenter. Gain the confidence you need to interact with your audience. Become culturally sensitive to your audiences needs and influence the decision makers. 

Managing Conflict

What is a conflict - why we avoid it and how we can use it to develop better working relationships. Discover a seven step method to conflict resolution. Nature uses conflict to create a pearl or a canyon. Learn how conflict can become a positive force for you. 

Creating and Managing an International Team

Increase your ability to identify the individual strengths in the diversity of your team and use them to the advantage of your business. Develop and promote clear international communication. Become aware of possible areas of conflict and learn how to make them work as a positive force. 

Facilitating Meetings

Become an effective facilitator. Learn verbal and non verbal facilitation techniques; how to and when to ask the right open or closed question. Discover the tools and methods for effective collection and recording of information and decisions from brain storming to Matrix diagrams.

Interview Techniques

Whether it's the next big step in your career or a new chance you only have one chance to get it right. Learn how to present yourself verbally non-verbally in a positive light. Learn the right style for the different interview techniques and how to handle the a wide selection of typical questions.